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How to check the PCB version and BIOS version

Issuing time:2016-09-02 17:36

REV1.1 is the version of the PCB. The upgrade of the motherboard PCB version means that the circuit design of the motherboard base has changed. For users, the only way to upgrade is to replace the motherboard. This REV1.1 is the PCB version of your motherboard. The version that the manufacturer launched early was 1.0, but as time goes by, it will be upgraded slowly and there will be 1.X later. 2.0```3.0```REV1.1 is the PCB version of the motherboard. I checked it through the EVEREST software. After entering the software, the computer-DMI-motherboard-version must be fixed and cannot be upgraded.

How to identify the model of the motherboard?

There are generally several ways to see the motherboard model: 1. Confirm the motherboard model from the motherboard logo. (For example: if you find a mark with P5I430TX TITANIUM IB+ near the ISA slot on the edge or corner of the motherboard , which means this is a TITANIUM IB+ motherboard.) 2. Confirm the BIOS version when the system starts. (For example: when starting the system, if the screen displays P5I430TX/T1B+ BIOS V1.5SL MAR.17,1998, then you can Make sure the current BIOS version of this motherboard is v1.5sl.) 3. Check the PCB version from the motherboard logo. It indicates that this is a motherboard with PCB v1.0 version.) Enter dxdiag during operation and you can also see the model of the motherboard.


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