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After Win10 upgrade, it automatically enters safe mode after booting, and cannot exit

Issuing time:2016-09-02 17:35

Method 1: 1. Enter Safe Mode 2. Go to My Computer, right-click Properties, Startup and Fault Management 3. Uncheck Automatically from Startup in System Failure in Settings. 4. Start in normal mode, the system will blue screen, look at the blue screen information, see the Crash of that file, usually the driver. 5. Uninstall the driver or delete the driver file according to the situation

Method 2: 1. Close all programs. 2. On the Windows taskbar, click Start > Run. 3. In the "Open" box, type the following: msconfig 4. Click "OK". 5. Uncheck /SAFEBOOT on the BOOT.INI tab in the System Configuration Utility. 6. Click OK. 7. When asked to restart your computer, click Restart. Can enter normal mode.

Method 3: The "safe mode" function of the Windows operating system can play an important role in troubleshooting system failures, but if you enter the safe mode every time you boot up, it will be abnormal. 1. It may be poisoned, enter 2. If no virus is found, there may be a problem with the graphics card driver. Overwrite the graphics card driver, and it can return to normal after restarting. 3. It may be caused by the Shift key being stuck and not popping up, because pressing the Shift key during booting can enter the "safe mode". After the Shift is ejected, the system smoothly enters the normal mode.

Method 4: Still can't restore the system or reinstall the system restore that comes with the system: 1. "Start"/"Programs"/"Accessories"/"System Tools"/"System Restore" 2. Click "Restore My Computer" To an earlier time" 3. Press Next, you will see a dark date on the date page, that is the restore point, 4. Select, click Next to restore.


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