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Windows 10 desktop crashes

Issuing time:2016-09-02 17:30

Windows 10 experiences "splash screen" issues that prevent the computer from functioning properly.

This problem is caused by compatibility problems with other third-party software. The splash screen is caused by frequent crashes of Explorer. The software that causes this problem mainly includes: Norton Antivirus and other antivirus software, iCloud and IDT Audio.


Enter safe mode to uninstall third-party software; press Win+R to open and run; enter msconfig and press Enter; switch to the Boot tab; check "Safe Boot" and "Network"; restart after confirming.

Windows 10 faces a global user group, and it is indeed difficult to be compatible with all software and hardware. The current solution given by Microsoft is to enter the safe mode, and then delete the software that caused this problem. You can restore it. Wait patiently for the relevant manufacturer to release a new version of the software and then try to install it.


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